Brandon Duderstadt is the Co-Founder and CEO of Nomic, a company focused on making AI more explainable and accessible. Before Nomic, Brandon trained and deployed AI systems in a wide variety of domains, including robotics at Carnegie Robotics, defense at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, medicine at Google backed startup Rad AI, and finance at Block. His work has been featured at AI conferences including EMNLP and VisxAI, as well as in mainstream publications including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Forbes.


Brandon Duderstadt is a hacker, acrobat, and entrepreneur from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, living in Brooklyn, New York. Brandon draws on his unconventional training as both a biomedical engineer and a traceur to explore themes of emergence and absurdity at the intersection of the natural and the artificial. His early work, inspired by the situationist notion of Derive, consisted primarily of impromptu parkour and street acrobatics performances in several cities across the United States. Brandon's more recent work focuses on digital depictions of cybernetic assemblages, and has been featured at academic venues including VisxAI and EMNLP.

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